Oral Argument Calendar for October: Effects on “Madison v. Alabama?”

The Supreme Court released its calendar for Oral Arguments for its October Sitting today. Ten cases were set for Oral Argument. Of great importance to us here at SCOTUS Predictions is the latter case on Tuesday, October 2: Madison v. AlabamaMadison is on our shortlist of cases for selection, so if Madison were to be the case selected for our review, it will not be a tremendously long wait until we release our opinion.

Given that our entire mission is to select a case on the Court’s next term and issue an opinion before the Court does, we must be diligent in ensuring that we are not still authoring our opinion when the Court releases theirs for the selected case. As any Court-watcher knows, the public does not know when the Court will release its opinion for each argued case. However, in a report authored by Kedar Bhatia at SCOTUSBlog, the public can get a rough estimate of the span of time between each case’s Oral Argument and its issued Opinion.Read More »