My Decisions

A significant part of my work on the blog is writing decisions of my own. Every year, I select one case on the Supreme Court’s docket. I read through the briefs, educate myself on relevant jurisprudence, and research attendant case law. Ultimately, I amass this information into my decision for the case, which I release before the Supreme Court issues its decision.

The Supreme Court’s “work year” starts in October and generally ends in June (although, when faced with a heavy caseload, it may run into the later summer months or even run year-round). So, I started with the Supreme Court’s October 2018 term (which ran from October of 2018 until the conclusion of the caseload in 2019) and I will repeat annually.

October Term 2019: Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia

October Term 2018: Madison v. Alabama